Journal Editorial Services:

  • JSS: Journal of Systems and Software
    • 2017-present: Guest Editor
  • JSEP: Journal of Software: Evolution and Process
    • 2013-2016: Guest Editor
  • EBIS: Evidence Based Information Systems Journal
    • 2014-present: Editorial Board Member

Conference Committee Membership:

  • ArchSummit2017: General Co-Chair
  • EASE: International Conference on Evaluation and Assessment in Software Engineering [ERA/CORE Rank A]
    • 2015-present: Steering Committee Member (Chair)
    • 2012-present: Program Committee Member
    • EASE2015: Program Co-Chair
  • ESEM: International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement [ERA/CORE Rank A]
    • 2011-present: Program Committee Member
    • ESEM2012, ESEM2015: Publicity Co-Chair
  • ICSSP: International Conference on Software and System Process [ERA/CORE Rank A]
    • 2010-present: Program Committee Member
    • ICSSP2014: General Chair
    • ICSSP2013: Program Co-Chair
    • ICSSP2011-2012: Publicity Chair
  • APSEC: Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference [ERA/CORE Rank B]
    • 2017-present: Steering Committee Member
    • 2015-present: Program Committee Member
    • APSEC2017: Program Co-Chair
  • ICSE: International Conference on Software Engineering [ERA/CORE Rank A+]
    • ICSE2018 SEIP (Software Engineering in Practice): Program Committee Member
  • ICSA: International Conference on Software Architecture [ERA/CORE Rank A]
  • ASWEC: Australasian Software Engineering Conference [ERA/CORE Rank B]
    • 2013-present: Program Committee Member
    • ASWEC2018: Program Director (Superchair)
    • ASWEC2015: Doctoral Symposium Co-Chair
  • ASW: Australian Software Week
    • 2016-present: Steering Committee Member
  • PROFES: International Conference on Product-Focused Software Development and Process Improvement [ERA/CORE Rank B]
    • 2010-2011: Program Committee Member
    • PROFES2010: Short Papers & Posters Co-Chair
  • CCBD: International Conference on Cloud Computing and Big Data
    • CCDB2014: Program Committee Member
  • ICGS3: International Conference on Global Security, Safety and Sustainability
    • ICGS2013: Program Committee Member
  • INMIC: International Multi-Topic Conference
    • INMIC2012: Program Committee Member
  • NCSC: CCF National Conference on Service Computing

Workshop Committee Membership

  • CESI: Workshop on Conducting Empirical Studies in Industry
    • 2016-present: Steering Committee Member
  • EAST: International Workshop on Evidential Assessment of Software Technologies
    • 2011-present: Executive Committee Member (Chair)
    • EAST2011, EAST2012, EAST2014: Workshop Chair
  • WETSoDA: International Workshop on Emerging Trends in Software Design and Architecture
    • 2017-present: Steering Committee Member
  • SER&IP: International Workshop on Software Engineering Research & Industrial Practices
    • SER&IP2016, SER&IP2018: Program Committee Member
  • PAS: International Workshop on Process Aware Systems
  • ACTION: Workshop on Actionable Analytics for SE
  • DANCE: Distributed Architecture modeling for Novel Component based Embedded systems workshop
  • SEES: International Workshop on Software Engineering for Embedded Systems