EAST 2017

The 4th International Workshop on Evidential Assessment of Software Technologies (EAST 2017)

4 December 2017, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China (co-located with APSEC)

Existing focus in Evidence-Based Software Engineering (EBSE) is largely around evidential assessments (particularly in the forms of systematic reviews, mapping studies, and meta-analyses), which have regularly been reported on a wide variety of topics in major SE journals and conferences. Though the rigor of evidence-based practice for research has been recognized by SE community, there are still many remaining issues.

The EAST 2017 workshop intends to investigate a number of aspects and challenges associated with empirical and evidence-based research in SE since the emergence of EBSE, with a special emphasis on characterizing and enhancing evidence reliability:

  • What are the main contextual factors for characterizing software technologies under assessment to ensure evidence reliability?
  • How to better measure and report evidence reliability in empirical and evidential assessments in SE?
  • What are the challenges to the adoption of empirical and evidence-based methodologies in SE?
  • How to better measure and report the effectiveness of evidence in business decisions?
  • What are the impacts of evidence-based practice on the current SE research and practice?
  • What are the improvements proposed for maturing the evidential research methodologies in SE?

To be specific, the workshop’s topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Evidential assessments on the effectiveness and relevance of a variety of new software technologies.
  • Roles of empirical and evidence-based practices (e.g., SLRs) in SE research and practice.
  • Experiences in transferring evidence and empirical knowledge into software practice.
  • Success or failure stories in software technology adoption in industry setting.
  • Improvements of the quality and reliability of evidence-based research.
  • Data synthesis of primary evidence in various forms.
  • Methods and standards for appraising and ensuring the reliability of evidence-based research, particularly SLRs, for software practice.
  • Research agenda for maturing and enriching empirical and evidence-based practice for SE.